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Just when hipsters everywhere thought their jeans couldn't possibly get any skinnier or tighter - the jegging (jeans+legging) is born. My jaded side thinks it's an excuse to charge consumers an exorbitant price for a basic, inexpensive legging. But my fashion curiosity has been piqued. I'm a gal that loves to wear comfortable leggings in a stylish way and having a new flavor to choose interests me. I'm pleased to see jeggings already available in a complete spectrum of styles and prices.

American Eagle offers a chic low priced option in a dark wash at $39.50.

Shop for this jegging at American Eagle

For a designer denim price, Hudson makes a gorgeous option with the Colin Skinny Legging with Flap Pockets at $165.00.

Sparkle is always the answer!

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The fall trend I am loving this year is sequins, especially on fitted boyfriend jackets and sexy dresses. In order to keep it chic, choose a piece with smaller sized sequins and stick with dark or neutral colors. Limit your shine to absolutely only one piece per outfit.

This boyfriend jacket from Rachel Roy is perfection. Try it with a t-shirt, ankle booties, and skinny jeans or leggings.

Rachel Roy Sequin Jacket.jpg

LaRok makes this amazing sequin legging. If you are tall, slender, and under age 35 - go forth and conquer.

LaRoK Sequin Leggings.jpg

Thank You Notes

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Handwritten thank you notes in American culture are a dying art, but good manners are timeless and perpetually in style. Thank you notes are always an appropriate response to any sort of gift, be it a present or an act of kindness. Taking the time to send a personal note of gratitude, written by hand, lets the giver know his or her gift was truly appreciated. (And it increases the likelihood that you will receive more in the future!)

I am especially fond of letterpressed note cards, in part because it is also a dying art, and it requires a high degree of craftsmanship. These cards are of higher quality than average stationary and feel extra special to give and receive. The ink has to be pressed on one color at a time, so they typically have only one or two colors per card. Some of my favorite brands are: Snow & Graham, Carrot & Stick, and Elum.

Gourmet Hair Care

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My favorite shampoo is the chocolate soymilk shampoo from Healthy Sexy Hair. It's sulfate free which is great for preserving color and cleansing gently. It works really well, keeps my hair heatlhy, and smells delicious!

Sadly, my longtime preferred hair mask from Kiehl's has been discontinued. Fear not - I've found a sublime replacement. Frederic Fekkai's Technician Color Care - 3 Minute Mask. While finishing in 3 minutes is not usually the answer, when it comes to conditioning my color treated hair - it's perfect! It has a lovely apricot/papaya fresh smell. It feels so indulgent and yet, unlike many Fekkai products, it's a good value for the $35 price tag.